CHAKO - Update lll

Dear readers,

Finally the time has come, the plastic bike shredder is fully functional and operational in Zanzibar!

After a long journey over sea, the bike shredder has arrived on Zanzibar and CHAKO has taken it into use in their newly opened workshop. This workshop is much bigger, has better working conditions and is a true hotspot for tourist on Zanzibar. They have adjusted the the bike shredder to accommodate a steel frame, instead of the wood used previously. This frame is fully constraint to the floor with bolts. Because of this, the bike is even stronger and more stable, making it hard to jam the system.

Currently, CHAKO is busy collecting materials, to scale up the amount of bike shredders, through the thorough construction plan we made for them. This promotes local entrepreneurship. Also, this construction plan has made it so that people from all over the world, like people from Australia, France and Germany have come to us to see if they can implement our design into their workshop, to locally upcycle plastic with a low budget. The construction plan and the 3D files used can be found through this link:

We are very proud of our end result and wish CHAKO all the best and success in scaling up the amount of bike shredders to get Zanzibar a bit cleaner!

Kind regards,

Emma, Sophie and Jamil

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