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Board 2018 - 2019

The S4S board consists of TU Delft students who manage the organisation on a part-time basis. Every year students are motivated to commit themselves to the mission of this foundation. The S4S board of 2018 - 2019 consists of the following persons:

Rogier Doodeman - Chairman

My name is Rogier Doodeman, 22 years old and this year besides finishing my bachelor in Mechanical Engineering I will dedicate my time to Students4Sustainability. From the moment I heard about the projects sponsored by Students4Sustainability and the activities in the field of sustainability I was immediately enthusiastic to be part of this organization. I believe that students from the TU Delft with their technical expertise will play a crucial role in overcoming the challenges that we will have to face when creating a more sustainable society. It is incredibly inspiring to see this technical knowledge being applied in sustainable projects all over the world. By creating more awareness among students about sustainability and showing them that they can make a change with the knowledge they gain during their studies, we hope to make a positive impact in today's society. 

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact at


Mila van Rijs - Secretary

Hey! My name is Mila van Rijs and I will fulfill the function of secretary this year. As a student, I already came in contact with sustainability and sustainable projects as a student in my bachelor Industrial Design, but I always found it difficult to see how this can really be applied. That you as a technical student really can make a difference, is something I saw at Students 4 Sustainability!

In any case, I am very excited as a new secretary and hope to reach as many people as possible this year to do sustainable projects or to visit one of our activities!

If you want more information about S4S or just want to ask me a fun question, please send an e-mail to


Coen-Jan Smits - Treasurer 

My name is Coen-Jan Smits and I’m studying mechanical engineering at the Delft University of Technology. This year I will be the treasurer of the S4S board. We are privileged that we were born in the Netherlands and that we were given the opportunity to study here. That may be obvious to us, but if you were born in a developing region of Africa, studying would be an elusive opportunity. The technical knowledge we gain enables us to provide solutions to problems in developing regions, thereby tackling poverty and raising living standards. My task next year will be to ensure that money comes in and that it goes to the right projects. In this way, we hope that these projects can continue to grow and contribute to a sustainable world as well.

Besides that, I am also involved in sustainable initiatives among students, such as ‘the green Pint’. We are also committed to raise student’s awareness of sustainability in the Netherlands. Would you like to –financial– contribute to our foundation? Or do you have a question about the finances of S4S? Do not hesitate to contact me via

Joris Schoenmakers - Head of Projects

My name is Joris Schoenmakers, I’m 21 years old, and next to my study Industrial Design Engineering I will be a part of the 12th board of Students4sustainability as Head of Projects. After following the minor International Entrepreneurship and Development I got very enthusiastic about sustainability projects in developing areas. I’m very excited about supporting these endeavors and contributing to realizing sustainable innovations in areas where it’s most needed.

In case you have any further questions or ideas, need any help with your development project or would like to do a project yourself, don’t hesitate to send an email to:



Margot Ridderikhoff - External Affairs

My name is Margot Ridderikhoff, I am 20 years old and I am a third years applied physics student at the TU Delft. This year I will focus on the external affairs from Students4Sustainability. Before I started my studies in Delft, I was very interested in sustainability, but it always seemed impossible to actually contribute to it. But since I am studying, I have gotten a completely new perspective. Looking at all the applicable technological knowledge of all my fellow students and myself, I am convinced we can have a huge impact as students. That is why I hope to inspire and motivate my fellow students (and everyone else who is interested) to do something with their knowledge and talents!

So feel free to approach or e-mail me at with your ideas, questions or remarks!



Isabelle van der Kaaij - Head Activities

Hello, I am Isabelle, the new head of activities of Students4Sustainability! During my bachelor mechanical engineering and my own minor project I discovered firsthand what kind of positive impact students can have on a sustainable future. After all, today's student will become tomorrow's technology leaders.  That's why I cannot wait to inspire students and let them rethink their own role in a sustainable society by organizing various activities.

Feeling like listening to a passionate sustainable entrepreneur? A relaxed movie night? Or do you want to discover a sustainable innovation yourself during one of our workshops? Keep an eye on our Facebook page to not miss any events.

Do you have an awesome idea or do you want to organise the S4S week? Send an email to See you soon at one of our activities!

Advisory board

The Board of S4S is never on his own. It can always gets help from the advisory board, wich consist out of member of the previous boards. This offers a continuity to all the new S4S boards. The advisory board consists of:

Daan Gorsse                          Treasurer 15/16

Mitchel Vrolijk                         Head of Activities 16/17

Dion Koreman                        External Affairs 16/17

Anniek van Veldhuizen          Secretary17/18

Joost Soomers                       Head of Projects 17/18

Laurence Griffioen                  Treasurer 17/18