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Rio Coco

Drinking water supplies are in certain areas in the world really vulnerable and a lack of safe drinking water can inhibit the development of a country. Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries of Central America, is such a country. The main focus of this project is to provide safe drinking water in the area around the Rio Coco, a polluted river at the border with Honduras. We want to help develop the area in a way that locals can relay on safe drinking water on a daily basis.

Previous studies have shown that rainwater harvesting tanks are the most suitable drinking water supply in this area. The construction of the storage tanks will stimulate local entrepreneurship and create employment opportunities. In this way, we will set our first step towards a sustainable local business and lasting employment opportunities. This can eventually result in a long term development in the area around Rio Coco.

The project will consist of 3 studie topics: The optimizing of the building phase and maintenance of the Calabash water storage tanks, the quality and quantity of available water sources in the area (rain, ground and surface water) and wishes and requirements of the inhabitants of the area.

The project will be set out in the villages Klisnak and El Naranjal. The distance between the villages is around 15 minutes by foot. Both villages are situated near the banks of to the Rio Waspuk river. After eight weeks of research and construction, the water tanks will be ready for usage by the individual families.