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Please read the criteria below carefully before you applicate your project. When you think your project meets the criteria and fits the goals of S4S, download the intakeform and send it to at least 3 weeks before departure. The board of S4S will respond as soon as possible. S4S strives provide the project team with an decisive funding conclusion within three weeks. ​


Guidelines for financial support

  • The project is/will be a project done by students from the TU Delft that takes place in a  developing area.
  • The project is innovative. For S4S this means that the project develops a prototype or adds value to an already consisting product (by doing research e.g.).
  • The project corresponds to the people-planet-prosperity ideology.
  • The project is interesting for other TU Delft students.
  • A local entrepreneur/partner is involved in the project.
  • The student is aware of the situation around COVID-19 of the area in question.


  • Delft Technology is applied in an evident manner.
  • There is a long term vision in which continuity is ensured.
  • The results are measurable.

The relation between S4S and the project

  • The expected financial support of S4S will be clarified and won’t contain overhead costs such as travel costs and print costs.
  • During the maturity of the project, S4S will receive an update at least every two weeks.
  • The name of S4S can be found everywhere in the projects enouncements.

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