Latest project news

  • Nosquito

    Nosquito | The first prototype!

    Jun 7, 2019

    After the first meetings at the MSF (doctors without borders) headquarters in Kenya, the real fun could really begin after we arrived at the Kilifi on the coast.

  • Nosquito

    Nosquito | First weeks

    May 30, 2019

    Team Nosquito has flown off! Today we’ve officially started working in Nairobi, meeting with multiple stakeholders at the office of our partner company.

  • Maldives Matter

    Maldives Matter | Tomato tests

    Apr 15, 2019

    A Maldivian greenhouse, Dutch horticulture and international stakeholders. To find out how the intended crops will react to the Maldivian climate we are conducting a tomato grow test. Of course we have done initial calculations with the help of a Dutch greenhouse builder. But growing actual tomatoes in a controlled environment in the intended climate is a good benchmark: a hands-on practical approach.

Project Showcase

  • Greenhouse Production

    From the 4th of November until the 29th of January a group of 3 TU students, Valérie de Vlam, Anne Roebroeck en Paul van Wiechen, will travel to Suriname to stimulate the use of greenhouses in the agricultural sector. 

  • Cassava

    We are team Cassava, a team of four Industrial Design students of the TU Delft. During this project we will work with the Indonesian start-up CI Agriculture, that harnesses the power of big data technology for the farming industry. Together we want to help local farmers to anticipate on climate change in order to enhance food security. 

  • GetInvolved

    Hello, we are team GetInvolved!, a team of Industrial Design students from the TU Delft.Together with the company aQysta, a company that produces irrigation pumps for farmers all over the world powered by streaming water in rivers we have started a new project.

  • Greenhouse JOOUST


    Together with Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST) and a local entrepreneur, two students from Delft UT will build a greenhouse in Kenya.

  • Bambú Social 2.0

    Since 2014, Bambú Social does research on local building materials and opportunities in Nicaragua, resulting in the design and construction of a bamboo model house on site. The focus lies in sharing knowledge with the locals and learning them to appreciate bamboo as a building material.

  • Okana Community Centre

    Within the Architecture graduation studio Explore Lab the idea started to develop our own Design-Build-Studio project. This means that the coming year will be dedicated to research and design and the realisation of the project on site by local craftsmen and students. 

  • BrickWork

    In Madagascar, like many African countries, the majority of safe drinking water available to rural populations comes from hand pumps installed on boreholes or hand dug wells. Unfortunately, maintaining hand pumps has proven very difficult. The traditional NGO and government promoted model of community management has proven unable to ensure functioning water points for lack of access to spare parts, lack of finance, absent technical skills, lack of funds or (financial) mismanagement.


  • Spring Design

    The ‘urban poor’ living in slums located in the Philipines, and other places in Asia are more and more often victim of natural disasters like floods, typhoons and tsunamis. Floating platforms containing houses that the urban poor can rent at a very low price could offer a solution for these inhabitants, and also improve their quality of living conditions.