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Currently S4S is working together with:

Studium Generale

All universities in the Netherlands set up their own Studium Generale after 1946. This is intended for the general knowledge for students, staff and other interested parties to broaden their minds through freely accesible programms in the field of culture, technology, society and science. The Delft branch organizes numerous lectures and workshops. In 2013 we partnered with SG in order to improve the organisation of lectures and other events. So that we can raise awareness for sustainability for the students from Delft.

Delft University of Technology

The fascination with science, design and engineering is what drives more than 19.500 undergraduate and graduate students and 4700 employees of TU Delft. Delft University of Technology is not only the oldest but also the largest technical university in the Netherlands.

Vis Group

Vis Group is a set of companies that provides technical specialties for the construction industry. They do diamonddrilling and -grinding, fire protection and also demolition work. With 120 collegues separated over 8 settlements, they work all over The Netherlands. Sustainability has their utmost attention, divided in the topics people, environment and society. To make progress with constant development they have their own Vis Academy for education and our InnoLab for innovations. It is logical to say: Vis Group….sustainable in every way.


PaperWise is a new generation of paper and board of high quality with 47% less environmental impact. It is made of agricultural waste, the stems and leaves that remain after harvest. PaperWise gives agricultural waste a 2nd life. For PaperWise, there is no such thing as waste in nature!